To build or not to build? That is the question when it comes to choosing ERP software for your company. In your search to automate business processes, improve performance and plan for development, are you probably considering that suits your company better-custom ERP technology or bundled solutions? As a custom software provider, we assure our clients that we can...
How to install bdtask CodeIgniter any script at hosting server. we added the hosting server .if you cannot install then you can follow this system. We have several customers from around the world, they are facing problem to install our company script. We developed all our application as user-friendly and we added the documentation to all our application. sometimes, people facing...
How to upload bdtask any code-igniter PHP script at bluehost.com. People are confused sometimes, they do not know how to install the script.that's why in this tutorial we tried to show you how to install our any types of PHP script at any server. We have 40 more Softwares and all our software we tried to keep in same platform...


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Because of being subservient for more than two centuries, the fear of the inhospitable atmosphere of the bounded Bangladesh sky, but it has turned into hope within the four decades of independence by the unimaginable path to the adventurous life-force and creativity of adventurous people. Already Bangladesh has achieved 7.4 percent growth per capita, 100 percent literacy, ensuring women's...

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