How can i solve 404 not found after installation?

If you are having 404 not found after you install bdtask softwares this means that you need to adjust the main .htaccess for bdtask software. To set up and fix your Blank Page or 404...

How can i switch to HTTPS URL after installing to HTTP?

You have to navigate to application/config/app-config.php and change the constant APP_BASE_URL from starting from http to https. If you have already configured cron_job with http:// starting url, make sure that you update the cron job url to start with https:// In case...

What are the server requirements?

Server Requirements: PHP 5.6.4+ (PHP 7.1+ recommended) MySQL 5.1+ mod_rewrite Apache MySQLi PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension cURL PHP Extension OpenSSL PHP Extension MBString PHP Extension iconv PHP Extension IMAP PHP Extension GD PHP...

How to Setup Email/SMTP Configuration

You will need to configure SMTP settings for Bdtask Softwares. the SMTP config will act as a general email from bdtask softwares for all emails that will be sent. In order to configure the send...

Are you Getting HTTP ERROR 500 ?

If you are getting HTTP ERROR 500, this means that there is some error thrown in the back-end which is causing bdtask script to stop working. In order to easy to determine the issue, the...

How to Set Development/Debug Mode in Code-igniter Project ?

If you are developing custom features for Bdtask any software or you are experiencing internal server error, you can turn debug mode to see any error messages. To turn debug/development mode navigate to the directory...




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