7 basic benefits of implementing a vehicle management system in transport business.

Large transport companies like UPS Inc. deal their function with a huge amount of vehicle


Dec 17 2017

How to make easily a modern prescription by Hospital Management System?

As we know, providing quick Prescription is an important part of a Hospital Management Software.


Dec 13 2017

Pharmacare Currency adding system from code

Some people requested us to add their custom currencies, we try to help them from code sometimes its hard for


Jun 27 2018

How to install bdtask any code-igniter script at xampp and what xampp version should you use

please look at the below instruction for installing bdtask any application at  offline mode in xampp server.   At first you should


Jun 06 2018
bdtask meeting

Know latest Technology or will lose your business.

Technology is changing in every minute. Every day coming new technology and new invention. It is good for the industry


May 31 2018

Some Common Mistake you may do during nishue application installation & Setup!!

  Hi! Everyone, some of our clients complain us for this issue, that, when they are running nishue coin market


May 23 2018

How to Edit .htaccess in your cPanel File Manager & some problems ,Solutions

To Open the File Manager Log into cPanel. In the Files section, click on the File Manager icon. Check the


Apr 15 2018

Godaddy Codeigniter .htaccess file is not working ! Need a Solution

Hey, Everybody, Almost everyday i am getting 10 -20 Customer Request of GoDaddy server hosting issue.Most of the major request come from


Apr 15 2018

4 Common setup mistake you can do at isshue Ecommerce shopping cart

We just need 4 things to keep active: Default Store, Default Currency, Default Bank. Then it will not show any problem. these


Mar 28 2018

10 technological advancements within the healthcare system

The technological innovation is continuing to grow and dynamic all industries because it evolves within the competitive world. enjoy a


Mar 19 2018