9 Tips on buying an ERP Software

Tips on buying ERP software
So you have finally decided to either invest in an ERP system to achieve better efficiency and profitability or to replace your legacy system. As you are sifting through the different options available to you, let’s go over the ERP features which we feel...

Generic ERP Vs Industry-Specific ERP

Generic vs industry-specific ERP
The comparison of generic and industry-specific pops up in your mind because of the availability of ERP software on the internet. You may need an ERP software or ERP System for your business. And you find different kinds of ERP Solutions some are cheap,...

How to manage a restaurant effectively (Tips)

tips on how to manage a restaurant effectively
Restaurant management tips often deal with ways to streamline the everyday tasks of the café itself. Be that as it may, shouldn't something be said about you—the supervisor—who manages those everyday activities? Would you be able to utilize a few hints to enable you...

Should You Automate Your Business Process?

Business process automation
For any business, it’s important to get the most out of the available resources. Business process automation is a means to do just that by leveraging the power of technology. According to a study conducted by Redwood Software and Sapio Research, about 59% of business...

ERP Software Myth vs. Reality 

Custom ERP software
If you are considering implementing ERP solutions for your company, chances are you are being bombarded with advice and information. As you weigh your options regarding one of the biggest decisions concerning your organization, you need to make heads and tails of the situation...

Build or Buy ERP??

Erp system for business- Buy or build?
To build or not to build? That is the question when it comes to choosing ERP software for your company. In your quest to optimize business processes, improve performance, and prepare yourself for growth, you are probably considering which is a more suitable fit...

5 reasons to have restaurant management software

Have Restaurant management software to solve problems
The restaurant business is not only about cooking tasty food and fancy decor, but it is also about using the right technology for management activities. From small restaurants to fancy fine dine all need strict management policies to make the venture a successful one....

7 mistakes you should avoid as a restaurant owner

Restaurant Management System- Mistakes to avoid
Running a restaurant is not easy. You have to play with different balls in different games at different fields. Good managers learn from their mistakes. Below we have discussed 7 common mistakes those you should avoid as a restaurant owner.   Giving less priority in customer...

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